Stark Naked Nutrition

Do you often find yourself constantly eliminating foods with little results?

Worrying about how much you’re supposed to eat? Not sure what to eat or if it's "clean"?

Do you have trouble creating balance with your social life and still eating according your goals?

Do you struggle with meal ideas for yourself and/or your family?

Have you stopped eating out with your family and friends because you just don't know what to order that will help you still reach your goals?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above.  I've got some great news and good news!

Here Are The Facts

That diet that you started on, worked for about 2 to 4 weeks, and even though you are still eating the same, probably not really enjoying your foods, living the low carb life and have become the cardio are stuck at the same weight.

You may have anxiety about eating or have resorted to eating only once or twice a day as your extreme attempt to make your body release weight.

Trust me, out of desperation, I have been there too!

Our body metabolically adapts to change fairly quickly.

That "magical" diet that once led to weight loss has flipped on you and now you are at a standstill or you may be steadily gaining weight!

Listen siSTAR! I FEEL YOU!

There are so many of factors unique only to YOU and learning YOUR specific needs and your body is the key to you getting off the merry go-round weight loss/weight gain game.

Here's the good news.....

In order to end the yo-yoing of your weight, your nutrition plan must be customized for YOU, solely dependent on your current metabolic profile, your lifestyle, needs and goals.

Here's the GREAT NEWS!

The key to getting over that hump or plateau is a personalized macro-nutrient based nutrition plan created around your health, lifestyle, habits and goals!


My name is Felicia Starks and I'm a certified personal fitness trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, who prior to figuring out how to improve my health, energy and fall in love with the "shape of me" again, I tried so many different diets, pills, shakes, injections, etc....

all because I was determined to figure out why my body wouldn't release more fat even though I was killing my workouts and cardio in the gym!

Instead of trying to put all the information that is available on YouTube and the various fitness websites, I decided to learn everything I could about nutrition and enrolled in a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification course because I was tired of all the contradictions in the fitness world.

After years of testing and failing on my own trying out so many different diets and programs, I know first-hand from personal experience, that flexible eating (macro-based) is the most sustainable plan for life. After I applied what I learned in my own life, I had so many of my friends and peers asking for help that I realized there was a BIG missing link between fitness and nutrition.

With my experience in sustaining my own fat loss results and helping so many women and men bridge the gap, It has been my honor to specifically serve those women (and some men too) who have been "killing it in gym" but not seeing the results, finally figure out how to have their best health and look good STARK naked!

I truly value personalized programs because I realize that we all have different backgrounds, abilities, needs, and wants.

No cookie-cutter programs and no cut-and-paste deals here!

Most trainers are more focused on delivering a great, sweat filled and fun workouts than educating you on the importance of nutrition to help you achieve the goals you desire.

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My primary goal is to provide you with the information and knowledge you need to make the best choices for yourself, achieve optimum results while having a blast on your health & fitness journey long term.

Mindset shifts are a BIG part of your transformation and will likely help you live your best life in all areas of your life including, dedication, perseverance,  dedication, positive attitude, confidence, time management, balance and probably most important, releasing past mistakes or hurts and discovering how powerful forgiveness is in relation to weight loss.

We start with a blank slate until I get to know you and what works best for YOU. I will review your personal goals, injury history, dietary restrictions, and many other factors to devise the best nutrition plan for YOU.


We will work together to devise a personalized program for you that will overhaul your health and magnify your happiness based on YOUR goals as well your needs and around your lifestyle. We will explore any concerns specific to you and your body and recommend exactly what you’ll need for a lifetime of flexible healthy living.


One-on-one training* (*additional fee)


Group Coaching

Group coaching weekly within our Facebook group


Custom macro-based nutrition plan

Custom macro-based nutrition plan that is written just for you with access to several resources to help you swap out as you see fit so you can see how truly flexible your eating is while still releasing fat!

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You will have ongoing support and guidance through our exclusive private Facebook community group as you make sustainable changes that improve your health, crush your goals and amplify your happiness.


I will share ideas on how to eat the nutritious foods that you love, for your goals and workout so you feel confident in yourself and living a healthier lifestyle.

The average personal trainer may cost you

$400-$1200/month for 3 weekly sessions…

that may or may not include anything nutrition related!

My coaching packages/programs are all less than a third of that!

Here’s what you can expect:

No teaching about the latest “diets” or dropping calories dangerously low.

No cutting out any part of your Macros (e.g. carbs). They are all important for a well-balanced nutrition plan.

It’s not realistic to stay home every Friday night to avoid the calories that come from dining out or socializing.

If you need help with a training plan*, and you are looking to get lean, resistance and strength training with an emphasis on compound movements, timing, mind-muscle connection, active warm-ups, stretching, and proper form, plus, a sprinkling of high intensity interval training (HIIT) are highly recommended.

No long hours of steady-state cardio to lose weight.

You don’t have to lift to failure on every set.

Pushing to the threshold of injury….is just crazy, dangerous and doesn’t work!

Who is Stark Naked Nutrition for?
Who this program is NOT for?

The majority of my clients (with a few exceptions) are women at least 18 years of age

Experienced with tracking macros (or willing to start) and follow a Macro-based nutrition program

Experienced with meal prep or the willingness to start with NO whining!

At least 6 months to one year of experience with strength training and heavy compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc)

Motivated and eager to learn, understanding that you may be temporarily inconvenienced as you learn.

Want to learn how to eat for life according to your goals understanding that sustainable fat loss is a slower process than "dropping 10 lbs in 10 other words, willing to be patient and trust the process.

Had great recent weight loss results after adjusting your nutrition, using supplements, surgery or other "jump start" procedures and desire to learn how to maintain your results for life.

You are looking for a fast weight loss solution to help you lose X number of pounds by X date.

You aren't willing to DO the work or follow the recommendations

You are known for giving up on anything that doesn't produce visible results on the scale (that you have not consistent with) in 4 weeks or less.

You are not willing to track your food to see where you have opportunities to improve.

You are not willing to consistently prep your foods in advance.

You are just looking to try something out for a month and then move us both time, this is not the program for you!

Still have a few questions?

Check out the FAQ's

If you know that you meet these basic requirements & you're ready to take the next step, please click the button below.