Cherie KingI reached out to Felicia for online fitness and nutrition help, specifically with fat burning and meal prep.  She helped me realize that I don’t need to focus on the scale but rather, body fat percentage and measurements. Also by telling me precisely what foods I need to eat more of and less of in order to see my body fat percentage drop. You also gave me wonderful workout & meal plans that were easily adjustable to fit my level of fitness. The results that I got as a result of working with Felicia online are:

  1. I found for the most part, when I stayed on course with meal prepping and food journaling as you taught me, I was eating less junk and was more conscious of my food choices.
  2. I began losing body fat. I believe during our work I saw a 5% drop
  3. I saw my stamina increasing and my body shape changing with an increase in muscle definition and decrease of fat.

The best part of working with you was our chats and live virtual Ovoo workouts. You’re such a fun coach and trainer! Also I would say how flexible you are and the fact that you find out the needs of your client and cater a plan that is best for them.

Cherie King

Olympia, WA

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