Elizabeth-CoenPrior to working with Felicia at Total Body Fitness Camp, I was struggling with building muscle and losing fat. Since, I started working with Felicia, I am learning how to do body-weight exercises (even for a very out of shape beginner like myself), learning the importance of macros, and that getting enough protein is key. Before I came to Felicia, I had managed to lose weight, and I was doing some cardio, but nothing else. I had been stuck at 160 for about 4 months. What I was doing need to be changed. After only 2 months, I am feeling stronger, I am starting to see little muscles appear (woot!) and with her help my nutrition is finally on track. Down 3 pounds after week 1 on her 21 day look good stark naked shred. Can’t wait to see my final results.  The best part about working together is that every minute has been a learning opportunity for me, but I especially appreciate your willingness to explain things in such a way that beginners – advanced levels can be successful.

Elizabeth Coen

Arlington, TX