LaTosha CarterI was looking for variety in my workouts, upper body strength, help with being consistent with meal planning, accountability with being consistent with working out and making better food selections. As a result of working with Felicia, I have more variety in my workouts, greater upper body strength, my mid-section has decreased, more consistent with my weekly workouts and have more muscle tone. Your support and motivation, you actually take out the time to show us how to do things, for example meal planning how to, conference calls, quick responses with questions, checking in on us and our well being, sharing food tips, showing us how to shop for healthier foods, sharing recipes, showing us how to read food labels, supplying us with meal prep containers, sharing daily tips and inspirational messages…and most of all praying for me…it doesn’t get better than that!!! The laughter and fun that we have while we are working hard and sometimes even in pain…the music is always great too!

LaTosha Carter

Arlington, TX

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