MonicaBlack“After achieving a 30 lb weight loss on my own, and feeling as if I’d reached a plateau, I contacted Felicia Starks Fitness regarding nutrition coaching services. Because I am a mother and wife who works full time, I wanted an effective, but simple meal plan. Felicia provided just that. After one week of following her plan with no deviations, I noticed that my clothes were looser. I felt more energized, lighter, and less bloated. And at the end of my first week, I’d already lost 6 lbs. My initial goal was to lose 15lbs. After 6 weeks of working with Felicia I surpassed that goal and now my focus is fat loss. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is the epitome of a professional and truly cares about the needs and goals of her clients. I would happily recommend her to everyone who is ready to make their fitness & nutrition dreams a reality.”

Left Picture: September 23, 2016
Right Picture: January 14, 2017

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