Cherie King

I reached out to Felicia for online fitness and nutrition help, specifically with fat burning and meal prep.  She helped me realize that I don’t need to focus on the scale but rather, body fat percentage and measurements. Also by telling me precisely what foods I need to eat more of and less of in order to see my body fat percentage drop. You also gave me wonderful workout & meal plans that were easily adjustable to fit my level of fitness. The results that I got as a result of working with Felicia online are:

  1. I found for the most part, when I stayed on course with meal prepping and food journaling as you taught me, I was eating less junk and was more conscious of my food choices.
  2. I began losing body fat. I believe during our work I saw a 5% drop
  3. I saw my stamina increasing and my body shape changing with an increase in muscle definition and decrease of fat.

The best part of working with you was our chats and live virtual Ovoo workouts. You’re such a fun coach and trainer! Also I would say how flexible you are and the fact that you find out the needs of your client and cater a plan that is best for them.

Cherie King

Olympia, WA

There is a ton of information about health, fitness and wellness on the web today. So how can that info help flatten your gut? Or trim your waistline? The sad truth? Information alone is useless! It’s real and consistent action that ultimately gets results, right? But do you know what comes before action? Trust! You need to trust the information and the source that provided the information. What you’re about to read will prove why you can trust me plus all the helpful tips, suggestions and resources I share here on this site. My name is Felicia Starks. I am a certified personal trainer and lifestyle weight management specialist. Many of my readers and training clients trust me for one reason more than any other. Because when it comes to really struggling with my weight… I’ve been there! As in topping the scales at 170 pounds. I was born and raised in the South and was introduced to good ol’ Southern cooking at an early age. Like many people today I picked up some bad habits with diet, nutrition and exercise. (Or lack thereof.) I was a slave to food for years. I would eat every 2 hours (since the “experts” always told us to do that.) But it didn’t stop there. I counted calories. I journaled everything I ate from meals to snacks. And even though I had some success losing weight, (which I wanted to do before starting a family) I still didn’t have the lean body I truly desired. A move to the West Coast is where EVERYTHING changed. There I absolutely embraced my new one sentence personal mission statement: “I eat to live instead of living to eat.” And don’t think I’m sacrificing when it comes to my lifestyle. I enjoy healthy & hearty meals as well as desserts and more. When I added my love for fitness, something magical happened. I have NEVER had so much energy! My new look gave me supreme confidence. And I want to help YOU experience that same breakthrough. My passion is optimum health & fitness together with financial freedom. My mission is to inspire and empower people like you to live a fit, healthy lifestyle while taking control of their own financial future. Sound good? Have a question or two? Lets connect!