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    My name is Felicia Starks and I’m a certified trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and lifestyle weight management specialist who cracked the “fat loss code” and knows the science behind getting you in the best shape of your life.

    Many of my readers and personal clients trust me for one reason more than any other, because when it comes to really struggling with my weight…I have had my own personal experience with fat loss and body transformation.

    I understand first hand the emotional and motivational side of embarking upon a fat loss journey. I also understand the unique demands of a woman’s busy schedule (single, married with kids, emptynester, etc) and offer practical insight on mindset & time management strategies to help you boost your level of success in crushing your goals.

    There’s a ton of information about health, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness on the internet today, right?
So how can that info help flatten your gut? Or trim your waistline? Improve your health? The sad truth is…information alone is useless & knowledge isn’t power…applied knowledge is power.

     It’s real and consistent action is what ultimately gets results, right? But do you know what comes before action?
Trust! You need to trust the information and the source that provided the information. I’ll prove, why you can trust me plus all the helpful tips, suggestions and resources I share here on this site.

    This isn’t a place where you’ll be told what’s best for you by some buff lady, out of shape lady or skinny lady who has never experienced what it’s like to live in your skin.

You WON’T spend hours doing boring isolation exercises to build big, bulky muscles. You WON’T be screamed at or belittled.

    You WON’T be expected to go on long runs or do exercises that aren’t appropriate for your fitness level.
I can relate to your fat loss struggle and I’ll help you on your journey to experiencing better health, loving the skin you’re in & ultimately looking BETTER NAKED!

I’ve been there! As in topping the scales at 170 pounds…at 5’4!

    I was born and raised in the South and was introduced to good ol’ Southern cooking at an early age. Like many people today, I picked up some bad habits with diet, nutrition and exercise…and almost wrecked my metabolism because of the constant low calorie days. I was a slave to food for years.

    I would eat every 2 hours (since the “experts” always told us to do that.) But it didn’t stop there, I counted calories, I counted points, I journaled everything, I ate from meals to snacks. And even though I had some success losing weight, (which I wanted to do before starting a family) I still didn’t have the lean body I truly desired.

    A move to the West Coast is where EVERYTHING changed. While in California, I started eating better and developed a love for fitness. I absolutely embraced my new one sentence personal mission statement: “I eat to live instead of living to eat.”
Now don’t think I’m sacrificing when it comes to my lifestyle. I enjoy healthy & hearty meals as well as desserts and more.
When I added my love for fitness, something magical happened. I have NEVER had so much energy! My new look gave me supreme confidence. When was the last time you looked and felt confident? Today? or has it been years?

    I want to help YOU experience that same breakthrough. I’m sharing my story to partner with and inspire women, just like you, to live a fit, healthy lifestyle, have fun, be fabulous & fearless in fitness and life and in their finances. I truly believe there are no limits to what we can accomplish in life; while keeping ourselves as a priority on our to-do list.
My mission is to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle for yourself and God by re-introducing you to yourself and I firmly believe that your health is your wealth!

Sound good?

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