Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Are you still trying to figure out why you hit that plateau and haven’t been able to see sustainable results for months now? Have you ever received good advice but you weren’t unable to follow it? Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unrealistic? Have you ever wanted to […]

5 Signs Your Diet Is A Fail & How To Fix It

You’ve considered it for weeks, months, years even. And now is the time that you’ve decided to make a change and go on that diet. But don’t just dive in feet first. First, take a long, hard look at the diet you’re considering and answer five questions before proceeding. Only then can you be sure […]

How Do Fit People Keep the Fat Off?

Interesting title, huh? I always wondered how the people that were always in great physical shape/fit, managed to stay that way pretty much  year round….and year after year! Like were they going in for a “nip and tuck” every 6 months? Well, until, I decided to start competing in NPC competitions in 2014, I had […]

My Before & After: Finding My Way

Why should my past matter to you? I know what it feels like to look in the mirror with love for yourself, but disgust for that way your body looks.  Let’s be REAL.  Belly rolls and back fat  just aren’t sexy.  There are plenty weight loss companies that make millions off products to help you […]