Angela GrayI needed help with portion control and stress/emotional eating when I reached out to Felicia for help on-line.  The one thing that helped me the most from working with her, is that I should continue to track what I’m eating so that I will be aware, you encouraged me to incorporate weight training, you convinced me I should focus on fat loss not weight loss, you told me not to focus on the “hell/scale” because that is only one indicator of progress & I need to be more forgiving of myself when I slip-up and just get back on track. The biggest takeaway from our work together, is that I’m better at being aware of and tracking what I eat, I see results from weight training and that is what is motivating me to keep it up & patience, along with consistent calorie deficit is what is going to help me achieve my goal (I’m still a work in progress!).

Angela Gray

St. Louis, MO