“I was struggling with weight loss and gaining muscle, prior to working with Felicia at Total Body Fitness Camp. She provided a meal plan, group trip to the grocery store, work outs and often called and texted me if I missed class to hold me accountable.”


“After achieving a 30 lb weight loss on my own, and feeling as if I’d reached a plateau, I contacted Felicia Starks Fitness regarding nutrition coaching services. Because I am a mother and wife who works full time, I wanted an effective, but simple meal plan. Felicia provided just that. After one week of following her plan with no deviations, I noticed that my clothes were looser. I felt more energized, lighter, and less bloated. And at the end of my first week, I’d already lost 6 lbs. My initial goal was to lose 15lbs. After 6 weeks of working with Felicia I surpassed that goal and now my focus is fat loss. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is the epitome of a professional and truly cares about the needs and goals of her clients. I would happily recommend her to everyone who is ready to make their fitness & nutrition dreams a reality.”


“Since working with Felicia, I’ve lost weight, I’m working out with a purpose, and I know the importance of nutrition and now building muscle. Felicia wants everyone to succeed and will give you her time. I have reached out to her 1st thing in the morning or late at night and she is always available. She will hold you accountable and tell you the truth but it’s all in love.”


“I was struggling with keeping the weight off after I lost it prior to joining Total Body Fitness Camp. Felicia gave me a better diet and workout plan.  As a result of working with Felicia, my body fat went down by 10% and I lost 16lbs. The best part of working with Felicia is the support that she gives.”


I was struggling with nutrition prior to working with Felicia at Total Body Fitness Camp. As a result of working with her, I know what to eat for the body I want to have, I know what good carbs are. I learned to be creative with my food and that healthy eating taste great, it’s fun and it’s lifestyle!

Joyce davis:

“Prior to working with Felicia at Total Body Fitness Camp, I struggled with knowing how to keep the weight off, how to lose fat and didn’t know how tone my muscles. Since I started working with Felicia, I am more consistent with exercising and most importantly healthier eating lifestyle. As a result of working with Felicia,I eat healthier, lost fat and increased my energy.  Even though I am the oldest member in the class, age was not an acceptable for excuse for me to not do what would be necessary for me to meet and/or exceed my goals”


Prior to working with Felicia at Total Body Fitness Camp, I was struggling with building muscle and losing fat. Since, I started working with Felicia, I am learning how to do body-weight exercises (even for a very out of shape beginner like myself), learning the importance of macros, and that getting enough protein is key. Before I came to Felicia, I had managed to lose weight, and I was doing some cardio, but nothing else. I had been stuck at 160 for about 4 months. What I was doing need to be changed. After only 2 months, I am feeling stronger, I am starting to see little muscles appear (woot!) and with her help my nutrition is finally on track. Down 3 pounds after week 1 on her 21 day look good stark naked shred. Can’t wait to see my final results.  The best part about working together is that every minute has been a learning opportunity for me, but I especially appreciate your willingness to explain things in such a way that beginners – advanced levels can be successful.